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'Out-of-the-Norm' Biography 

of Marc NOËL

Writing a complete biography to describe a being like

Marc Noël is very simple :

  • A MAN



  • That's it, you have a complete biography of Marc Noël ! 


    And yes, to describe a man like Marc Noël, this first paragraph said it all !

    But the human being needs "more explanations", depending on the size of his ego. The ego must hear, understand, see, be able to touch, analyze, and judge…

    The ego needs :

  • to be able to put

  • into boxes

  • and compartments

  • what makes sense in his perception of reality, in order to be able to connect with his logic...

    The ego needs to be able to identify what he observes and compare it with everything that has been programmed into his brain and even into his cellular information... The ego has the need to be able to discuss and debate about "the reason" and to be able to give a certain logic and reality to the thing that is being presented to him...

    Through whom he is,

    Marc Noël's mission

    has always been

    to share something completely different in this world, from different viewpoints and in different forms, but complementary to what the ego's perception of reality is.

              Marc NOËL,

            in all his forms,

    and here in this biography more specifically as an artist painter; has the desire and the need to share with the world through his artistic creations something that is completely "out of the norm".

    But where nevertheless the person who permits himself, and who dares to enter into the artistic creations presented by Marc Noël, will have the opportunity to discover another dimension.

    How has he succeeded in developing this quality as an artist painter ?

    This is a long story and at the same time, it is so recent…

      When he was young,

      he had a major car accident which shifted his life overnight into a completely different dimension from what he had planned to live during this incarnation...

      As from that moment,

      he has started his training in the 'Fine Arts Academy of the Universe'…

      Through a long path of rehabilitation,

      specifically at the level of anything related to fine motor skills (i.e., hand rehabilitation related to cerebral commands), the Universe put him in contact with an exceptional therapist who dared to take on the challenge of guiding Marc Noël in this hand rehabilitation.

    This therapist with very high skills, patience, and wisdom understood very quickly that the patient he had in front of him was not a “standard” patient, and thus, this professional has been able to go outside of all his classic rehabilitation techniques with his patient.

    Together they completed a magnificent therapeutic path, which allowed Marc Noël to, first, gain the ability to hold a pencil again between his fingers, through which the first achievements were the drawing of completely closed circles. Through his motivation, his determination, his need to evolve, and his way of self-teaching, day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year, Marc Noël went through drawing, pastels, Japanese calligraphy, and painting to finally completely recover the control over his hands!

    But as in everything

    he does in life,

    he always has the need

    to look further

    « outside the box ».

    And there, he discovered that all this artistic creation was still limited by a certain “technique, and reason, and logic”…

    He felt at a certain moment that everything was so small and limited in his artistic expression...

    Through a whole evolution that followed both on a personal and professional level,

                 a mystical opportunity

               also came his way.

    According to the dictionary, the word “mystical” is defined as "predisposed to mysticism, to an intense and intuitive faith.”

    He began to make his first paintings, which were no longer only guided by a mastery of the hand with a brush on a canvas,

    but also through guidance from another dimension which passed through the hand, through the brush on the canvas…


    The paintings he creates today are not just paintings

    but are very powerful evolving tools which -

    through time and the observer who stands in front of them, will create an opportunity for an “out of the norm” encounter between the quantum painting and the observer. These are now quantum paintings that change every day for the observer, even though the painting is not modified physically, because the quantum painting adapts itself in what it shows according to the evolution of the observer…

    All the people who already have had the chance to acquire one of his quantum paintings have all experienced an evolution, from when they first saw their canvas...

    And day after day, as well as a change in their quantum painting and in the feeling that they had with their quantum painting.



    Marc Noël

    also presents his paintings to the whole world on other media platforms :

    such as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), videos, etc., so that everyone who wants it, can benefit from these very powerful tools. He also teaches quantum painting to people, whether they have had or have not had academic training in painting, to make them live and experience “the painting” from a completely different point of view, or to dare enter into the feeling of the creation of the painting, and even become their painting…

    His objective as an artist painter here

    is not to go against the classical art of painting

    which is often limited by a great rigidity and rigor of technique, norms, and social critics, whereby a painting must adhere to a whole list of criteria to be recognized by “the standard”.

    What he brings through his quantum painting is complementary to this classical artistic world, which means, giving art through painting an additional dimension, or even providing the painter who was exclusively trained in academic art, with an additional tool, which will not only make his creation as a painter even greater and more beautiful, but also give him the opportunity to develop “this freedom of artistic creation”!

    There, where at the beginning of this biography we shared with you that it was very simple to give a complete biography of Marc Noël in a few sentences,

    it is also possible to describe Marc Noël

    in a biography that would encompass thousands of pages...

    and of course, the human ego would like to know everything…

    Someday, maybe !