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Year 2024 

January - April


during the 60th Venice Biennale of Art,

one of the most prestigious art events

All pictures are from ITSLIQUID Group

Vernissage & Exhibition at

'The New Artists' Art Gallery

5-11th of April 2024 - Namur (Belgium)

No Mind - Just Be (Mushin)

Expansion Serie: You are You

Sakura Phase 4 : The Voyage

The Tree of Life Bis

Sakura series

I have the pleasure to share with you how these paintings have been created

"as a unity of 6".

During this beautiful and very successful exhibition
in Liège (Belgium - 15th-16th & 17th of March 2024),

these paintings have been presented

"as 6 unique separated paintings through their unity".

And here after, I will share with you

through these beautiful pictures

how it was presented to them

(the visitors of this exhibition), and now

to each one of you. 

Sakura Phase 1 : The Columbus Ship

Sakura Phase 2 : The Gift

Sakura Phase 3 : Awakening in the Now

Sakura Phase 4 : The Voyage

Sakura Phase 5 : The New Destination

Sakura Phase 6 : The Arrival

"The Book"...


March 15 – 29, 2024 - (pictures from ITSLIQUID Group)



Rome International Art Fair - Italia

From 8th of March 2024 until 21th of March 2024

Virtual Exhibition - Australia

From 22th of February 2024 until 22th of March 2024

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