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  • I have invited each owner of my quantum painting(s) to share with you, through a personal essay, how they live and interact with their quantum painting(s).


    I have always been fascinated to hear how owners experience this very deep connection with their paintings, and how it has influenced and changed their lives for the better.


    Each of them has discovered and experienced that these quantum paintings are very powerful tools, which they can use to improve their life in a very simple way.


    I invite you to take the time to go through these essays written by the owners, so that you, dear reader, will have a little glimpse of how it is and how it feels to have a quantum painting and to be able to interact with it.


    The best sentence, which can be used here is: “You have to live it to believe it…”


    Enjoy the reading!

  • Dear Makoto (Marc),



    The quantum painting, named Nobel, that I have had the PRIVILEGE, the HONOR, and the BLESSING to be the owner of, as a GIGANTIC GIFT from YOU in 2022, is an UMFATHOMABLE and AMAZING TOOL with a POWER that is mind-boggling. It is much beyond the capacity of the human brain to comprehend.


    I have had this quantum painting in our home for the past 18 months. Your invitation for me to write about how it has impacted me and my LIFE, has been a wonderful gift for me, because in doing so, it has elevated my relationship with this POWERFUL TOOL called Nobel and enriched me.


    For most of the past 18 months, my interaction with Nobel was in a general way, as I made mental requests for a harmonious success in all my projects. And in my reflection now, I see how I have experienced amazing, MIND-BOGGLING successes that are ever increasing, at a both professional and personal level, ever since Nobel entered our home.


    Professionally, I have gone from feeling “stuck in a rut” in my work, to a transformation in the way I am working -- now I experience my work with great enjoyment, enthusiasm and new ideas and vision for the future. There have been more concrete results as well, with expansion of my research team, new discoveries from our research, and fruitful new collaborations all coming into reality during this time.


    At a personal level, my growth as a human being has skyrocketed, to the point where I now live a life of daily enjoyment at all levels. I have been telling people “I am the happiest I have ever been in my whole life”! And it is a happiness that is for the first time, INTRINSIC in its source. I feel a great harmony has come into all my relationships — including with my wife Suman, with my children, and with my extended family members. Likewise, my physical body has transformed in the past 18 months to a much stronger, capable, and fit version, as I have finally succeeded in something that eluded me for decades: grasping at a deeper level how my body functions and what it needs, and learning how to manage and maintain it in a way that is fun and with ease.


    All these wonderful, beneficial impacts on me and my life are ones resulting from interacting with this quantum painting in a general way. Your recent invitation for me to create this current writing prompted some reflection, which inspired me to begin making more specific requests of Nobel. One request I made last week was for help in becoming FREE from the limiting ‘brakes’ of my brain…so that I may be more creative, more expressive, more constructive…and all in a very harmonious and beneficial way for myself and others. Then, over the next two days, I experienced a shift in my way of being, and lived some amazing experiences, a couple of which I will share here.


    The first experience came through an opportunity to meet with a student who desires greatly to be admitted to medical school. She had asked me to conduct a mock interview with her, to help her prepare for her upcoming ‘real’ interview for medical school admission. My mock interview meeting with her happened within 12 hours of making my above request to Nobel, for help in freeing myself. In the meeting, I experienced my communication becoming unleashed in a way it never had been before. I found myself giving very strong, unfiltered, and powerful feedback, in a completely harmonious way, to make her aware that her way of being during her interviews was the thing holding her back from being admitted to medical school. And more importantly, I was able to help her evolve and transform her mindset within an hour. By the end of our meeting, she thanked me over and over, and told me that she has NEVER gotten this kind of VALUABLE feedback from anyone else. My mind was boggled by the ease with which I had been able to communicate with her, because the filters and brakes of my mind had been released. Two days later, this student went on to have her ‘real’ interview for medical school, which went extremely well. She even reported back that it was the most fun she had ever had in ANY interview in her life!


    The second experience happened the following day, through a lecture on systems biology that I give to graduate and undergraduate students as part of a bioinformatics course they take. I have been lecturing annually in this course for nearly ten years, but this time -- by removing the mental brakes, which I realized afterward are the brakes that prevent speaking and teaching from the heart -- the lecture was transformed! I found myself sharing with the students that every item I was teaching them was one that I have been fascinated and amazed by when I first learned it. The students were extremely engaged, readily answering questions, sharing their ideas, and even clapping at the end of the lecture, which I believe is out of the norm for this course. On the next day, I heard from the course director (who attended my lecture as well), that it was the best student engagement of the year that he had seen, and that he was going to use my lecture as an example to improve his own teaching! This too was mind-boggling to me, as I do very little such didactic teaching, in fact it’s just this one lecture a year.


    I have since then, over the past week, experienced many more such examples of living with the mental brakes released -- facilitated through this magnificent quantum painting -- and it has created amazing, wonderful, harmonious experiences. My conclusion from this interaction with the Nobel quantum painting over the past week is that making specific requests is another way to work with this mysterious and very powerful tool.


    How this tool works, I have no idea. What I do know from neuroscience, however, is that the human brain, as amazing and mysterious as it is, is also highly limited due to routine biasing of perceptions that are inherent to its structure and organization, and due to the limiting nature of concepts, constructs, and perceptual maps. I now see your quantum paintings as tools that facilitate humans to GO BEYOND those brain limitations, in a way that seems “magical”. However, I believe it is not magic, but rather something happening through a natural mechanism that happens to be outside the current boundaries of scientific knowledge and understanding.


    My gratitude for this quantum painting continues to grow every day. Because of the privilege of interacting with this magnificent tool, I am realizing more and more how powerful it REALLY is.


    I feel great enthusiasm for continuing to deepen my relationship with Nobel, and for learning more about how to tap into its wonderful power for good, to utilize it for creating greater and greater success, to enrich myself and the world in a perfect, harmonious way.


    And I am looking forward to becoming the owner of additional quantum paintings, as I become ready to handle them, in the synchronicity of Life.


    THANK YOU SO MUCH for creating and gifting Nobel to me, and for creating all your quantum paintings that you offer to the world for its benefit…these magnificent tools that you are providing for bringing harmony to humanity and the whole world.





    Muneesh Tewari


    Be Enchanted and experience the Miracles unfolding in your Life…

    If YOU are driven, passionate, and determined; if you know there is much potential still to emerge and evolve in you, and if you have a mission to make this world a better place for you and for others… then this message is for you.

    I have the honor of being the owner of a Magnificent Quantum Painting “Fusion” since January 2023, and I am exhilarated to welcome the Quantum Painting “Alchemy”, which is on its way to me right now, and two Gigantic Quantum Paintings “Torii”, and “My DragonLion Birth”, which will take their place in my house in 2024. These Quantum Paintings have been created at different times in Marc Noël’s life, and all of them are connected, and, together, create a Bond and a Force that is Out of This World.

    I want to share with you my perception of how those Quantum Paintings chose me, and what it is like to be the owner of a Quantum Painting. But even better, I invite you to connect with one or more of Marc Noël’s Quantum Paintings in the Gallery in Knokke (Belgium), or online, and feel which Quantum Paintings choose YOU… and then, once you have purchased and received your Quantum Paintings, to read again what I have written below, because I have a feeling that you will experience this writing in a completely different way. Anything you have experienced so far is not comparable to what you are about to experience when you become the owner of such a Quantum Painting. It is beyond this world what you will experience. It is something unique that Marc Noël brought to this world. 

    For me, the reason I felt that these Quantum Paintings chose me is that I felt something shift and vibrate very strongly inside of me, every time I saw a picture of them. It is hard to describe in words because the feeling is so strong. It is a recognition of me, my soul, through them. After my initial encounter with them through their pictures or on video, their image and presence were still there, active, in my mind, like a close connection with a friend who lives further away. And I KNEW I wanted to purchase them, no matter the price, because this connection was so important to me, and provided me with so much goodness, and connection within me, beyond what I can humanly describe.

    In my view, it is important to reiterate that these Quantum Paintings have nothing to do with this world as we know it as humans… They are from another world… they are supernatural… they bring a tool that has NOTHING to do with our current formatting, boxes, thoughts, structures, constructs, and concepts.

    In my perception, these extraterrestrial creations bring us a Tool to connect with the Soul, to connect with who we are inside…It is a Mirror to the Soul, which shines back to us all the potential yet to discover, all the self-confidence and self-worth that may be hidden but is THERE… and like benevolent angels, they are with you day and night. I hang Fusion behind me in my home office and I feel connected to it day and night, 24/7. I also physically connect with Fusion often, and ask for things, just like I would ask heaven, and the universe for things, to guide me, to provide me with tools, to help me through life, and to facilitate the success of my missions. It is a soul connection. And to me, it is also a connection to the passionate painter Marc Noël, who has guided me for 22 (soon 23) years and counting, which is a Privilege and an Honor, and for which I am deeply grateful.

    Every time I show up, I do what I need to do, I feel self-confident, I feel my self-worth, I feel I have evolved in releasing old programs and concepts, I am in integrity, and I move forward passionately in the direction of my goals and dreams, that is when I feel the power of Quantum Painting increases more than exponentially. Every emotion, thought, connection, and investment I make with the Quantum painting comes back in X fold… not twofold or threefold…. There is no number to it…

    To give you a very concrete example of how miraculous these Quantum Paintings are… I am an Assistant Professor in one of the top 10 U.S. public research universities in the United States, and obtaining federal grants, as well as publishing scientific manuscripts are two of my high-priority goals in my academic career. Throughout the years, I usually published between 1-4 manuscripts per year. Last Christmas, I received the Quantum Painting Fusions as a joint Christmas gift from Marc Noël, Magical Passionate Painter and my Best Friend, and my Magnificent Soul Sister Anaїs. So far, this year I have published 9 peer-reviewed manuscripts, 1 peer-reviewed Editorial, and 3 non-peer-reviewed manuscripts. Financial abundance also started to show up in my personal life. Since I decided to buy Torii and Alchemy, I received notice of a fundable score of an NIH grant; and since I felt the connection with My DragonLion Birth, financial abundance is showing up even more in my life, in totally unexpected ways.

    Given that you have not yet lived the experience of owning a quantum painting and that you have just read about my ’concrete data’ on these miraculous events happening since I connected to my Quantum Paintings, while continuing to invest in my own personal self-development, and professional career,

    IMAGINE what this could mean for YOU, in your professional and personal life!

    Do you want to find out?

    Then please visit Marc Noël’s website and YouTube videos…. And let one or more of these Magnificent Quantum Paintings guide YOU…and then live, experience, and see for yourself the Miracles unfolding and happening in your life… Enjoy!


    With all my heart,

    Ann Van de Winckel

    PhD, MSPT

    Associate of Marc Noël, Fushigina Choowa SRL

    Assistant Professor, Division of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science

    Director, Brain Body Mind Lab

    Department of Family Medicine and Community Health

    Medical School, University of Minnesota

    420 Delaware St SE (MMC388), Minneapolis, MN 55455

    Email : [email protected], Phone : 612-625-1191; Cell : 612-406-2500 FAX : 612-625-727

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