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Quantum Painting 

by Marc NOËL

"The power of my quantum paiting is that it offers the human who observes it

an enormous opportunity to open their eyes to something else."

The crystallization of a "quantum" energy that becomes visible...

Quantum Painting

He or she who takes the time to position him/herself in front of my quantum painting will be able to observe, second by second, a veil being lifted or even a door opening...

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Out-of-the-Norm                            Biography of                                 Marc NOËL

 Writing a complete biography to describe a being like Marc Noël is very simple:

“A man beyond all norms”.

That's it, you have a complete biography of Marc Noël! 


And yes, to describe a man like Marc Noël, this first paragraph said it all. But, the human being needs "more explanations", depending on the size of his ego.


Artist - passionate about Life

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